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Transforming Lives through our 5 part “GPS For” book series which caters to individuals in all walks of life!

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who we serve

Kindergarten – University

We have served over 500,000 youth in Kindergarten through University in the last 10 years. Our University 3 credit class and program called “GPS for Life” at Nova Southeastern University. We have now had a Internal review board with William and Mary University study the GPS For Success training and curriculum with positive results for kids in middle and high school throughout 4 states. Our Mentorship and tutoring within the schools and after-school programs achieve personal growth, with life skills, emotional and belief intelligence, health to them before peer mentors and our online training and program.

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We have created our “GPS for” trainings weather for professional development for educators,  law enforcement and corporate leaders. We have designed our trainings with follow up mentorship and coaching for teams or individuals. Our goal is to create well rounded humans who are health, develop themselves with having a purposeful vision. We have hosted online seminars, lectures are universities with motivational and personal development, life skills, inspirational personal achievements, personal health, and empowerment. We are proud of our national media exposure on Dr. Oz’s TV show as well as our collaboration with The Dalai Lama.


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