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Evidence Based Social and Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Training

“Corporate Global Accredited with AdvancED & SACS CASI.”

Miami EQ Training!


We have designed this training experience to help our leaders understand how to become the best version of themselves as fast as possible.


My Life My Power helped our organization go from good to great by increasing effective communication, teamwork and creating a unified vision.”

Nelson Hincapie

President & CEO, Voices for Children Foundation, Inc.

Corporate Training

Accelerate performance within your corporation!

Is your company or organization looking to improve and enhance your corporate culture? MLMP’s Corporate Coaching and Training platform has been strategically designed to help your company become more effective and efficient! Through our training workshops, we support your team in seeing new possibilities in both their personal lives and within your corporation while increasing moral and ethical behavior, boosting productivity, developing and maintaining pride in the company, increase problem solving skills and increasing mentorship for long term success.

Let us take your executive staff and employees to the next level!

Impacting Universities

3-Unit University Accredited Course, Training, Club & Entertainment

We have designed a course that is adaptable to all learning styles and fits into all fields of study within the University System. Our belief is that everyone can be a mentor, whether you are studying to be a teacher, training to be an athlete, or working towards a corporate profession. It is vitally important to learn how to strategically build a proactive and productive team utilizing everyone’s strengths. This will empower them to become significant and successful in school, life, and relationships. 

Bring MLMP’s Transformational Course to your Campus!

I was shocked to see such a transition within students who took My Life My Power’s “GPS for Life” course. Within weeks, these students had increased their passion, commitment, attitude, integrity, and joy in their life.”

Dr. Kimberly Durham

Dean of the College of Education, Nova Southeastern University

Pre-Kindergarten – 12th Grade

My Life My Power has developed different programs to cater to the needs of your youth. Whether you have an entire school year to dive into the cirruculum or only a few days or weeks, we have a program for you!

This is a 20 unit course available online and hard copy, approximately 30-60 minutes per unit.

GPS for Life is an interactive, evidence based curriculum to be used in various settings such as in the classroom, during after-school programs, homeschooling, diversion programs, etc.

Throughout course, mentors and teachers receive access to an interactive online platform to the student workbook, journal, videos, pre and post assessments and training manual. You will be equipped with the tools and resources needed to direct their students toward being purpose-driven and intrinsically motivated.

This is 5 unit course available online or hard copy, approximately 30 minutes per unit.

GPS for Success’s curriculum has been packed into a 5 week program in which teachers are provided with age-appropriate materials, handouts, and activities to do with their students.

GPS for Success is available in different age groups: K-2nd, 3rd-5th, and 6th-12th. Many schools use this curriculum during their drug and alcohol awareness week; however, GPS for Success differs by NOT focusing on telling the youth NOT to do drugs, but instead, establish and maintain a mentoring relationship with the students in order to open the line of communication and develop trust!

Proud Partners & Supporters

Since 2010, My Life My Power has been supporting organizations and groups around the world to continue making a greater impact for our youth!

United States Army

Miami-Dade Schools Police Department

Lululemon Athletica

National Association of School Resource Officers

Google Foundation

FBI National Academy Associates

National Heritage Academies

City of Los Angeles

California State Parent Teacher Association

National Police Athletic / Activities League

Los Angeles County Sherrif’s Department

Florida Education Association