GPS for Success

Programming to Assist Our Future Generations


What is GPS for Success?

The GPS for SUCCESS Program serves two main functions: Educator & Law Enforcement Training & Social Emotional Drug Prevention Program. Through our training workshops, we support your team in skills like problem solving, leadership and communication skills through Emotional & Belief Intelligence based experiences and activities. Our GPS for SUCCESS Social Emotional Drug Prevention Program uses a unique approach that is designed to “Shift the Conversation” from drugs and instead focus on creating a proactive and positive vision and purpose in life.

GPS for Success Program

Serving 1st – 12th Grade

Our program serves all types of learners in any school or after school setting for grades 1-12. It is designed to be 5 weeks in length or can be customized for each school based on their needs. We strive to motivate and inspire youth on what to do in their lives without focusing on drugs as a talking point. In order to keep youth from having a desire or interest in participating in drug usage, one does not need to talk about the drugs. With our approach, we empower students and/or youth to be more intrinsically driven, focused in life, equipped to work through life’s challenges, and committed to staying drug free!

5 Core Principles: Vision, Mission, Purpose, Team and Commitment.

Our Experiential Training is designed to prepare the law enforcement, educators, community members, and public health and safety workers with interpersonal skills that better equip them in being effective mentors in their communities. Building ones inner-self is the building block for our Training Platform, because we ultimately believe that we need to empower ourselves to empower others. Ultimately, we foster engagement and cooperative skills to support long term “culture change” and impact within communities.

“I just wanted to give my sincere thank you to HIDTA for making this training available. I just finished the 2-day “white belt” training, and it was such an amazing training that I am looking into going through their red belt and black belt, and then  “train the trainer” training. It really was an excellent training, and I could not have gone to it without HIDTA doing the great things they do. So, thank you to you and whoever decided this needed to be sponsored by HIDTA. IT WAS INCREDIBLE! It was a great way to end out the work week, and I am super pumped for a great weekend!”

– Midwest HIDTA Training Participant

Our Partnership

Partnerships Creating Impactful Results.

In 2019, MLMP has partnered with AC-HIDTA (Atlanta Carolina’s High Intensity Drug Trafficking Areas) and ONDCP (Office of National Drug Control Policy- The White House) to offer this FREE to schools in participating HIDTA’s in 16 states. During the summer of 2019, MLMP trained Educators, law enforcement, and community members on GPS for Success and how to implement it in schools and communities. We are also partnering with faculty members from the William & Mary School of Education who serve as external evaluators of the program to help study its effectiveness. We are committed and excited to empower our youth and communities with our GPS for Success Program!

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Jennifer S. Kramer, M.Ed.

AC-HIDTA & MLMP Prevention Director