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To Create a generation of Heroes!



Take your school staff, employees, corporation, or parent group to the next level with our Training & Coaching Platforms. MLMP’s experiential trainings create a transformation within your team or corporate culture.


Our team of professional speakers have been hand selected to bring vision and purpose-driven transformation to the lives of participants worldwide! We have impacted over 200,000 youth, teachers, parents, and corporate leaders. Plus, our strategic partnerships with global leaders in Law Enforcement, Education, Health/Wellness, Entertainment and more enable you to choose the perfect hero for your organization.


GPS For Life, our primary curriculum, empowers participants to be intrinsically motivated to create the life of their dreams.  Certified by Nova Southeastern University as an evidence-based program which increases Self-esteem, Self-efficacy, Purpose of Life and Empathy while reducing Victimization and Aggression, GPS For Life is a truly transformative experience.  Available for K-12, University, Corporate and more.


Taking the responsibility of making THE difference in your school, community, and student’s lives is the work of Visionary, Passionate and Decisive Servant Leaders.  Bring My Life My Power to your community by signing up TODAY!

My Life My Power Founder Daniel Puder is featured in the newest release of Ted Talk…


Our Training and Coaching has been strategically developed to fit the needs of your team, school, company, etc. We provide experiential training and continued coaching opportunities that create a transformation within your team and grealty improve your corporate culture or school culture!



Our Award winning speakers and trainers are located around the country and have a lifetime of experience when it comes to transforming schools, corporations and communities. This team of experts have gone through rigorous training workshops and seminars to perfect their skills in having a lasting impact with your audience!

Whether it is a need to resolve bullying, drug and alcohol usage, gang violence, truancy or dropping out your school setting, or building morale, higher employee retention rates, or stronger work ethic and productivity within your organization, we have speakers with solutions for you!


We have two programs for you to choose from in order to meet the needs of your school or organization while increasing self-esteem & fulfillment and decreasing aggression and victimization among students or employees!


This is 5 unit course, 30-60 minutes per unit. All teachers receive a one year license for this digital platform.

The International Red Ribbon Movement® is a program that is part of My Life My Power® World Inc., a 501(c)3 non-profit. MLMP’s programs continue to impact our future generations around the world as we strive to motivate and inspire youth on how to handle the many challenges they find themselves faced with. By focusing on establishing and maintaining a strong mentoring relationship with your students, you will find that you can open the line of communication while developing trust and a connection, without having to focus on the topic of drugs.

 Our proven approach takes place over the course of a five-day school week in which teachers are provided with age-appropriate materials, handouts, and activities to do with their students


This is a 20 unit course, 30-60 minutes per unit. This is available as a digital or hard copy program.

We add value to organizations by transforming their vision and purpose to align as a team. Positively impacting the culture of your classroom or corporation which will improve the ways in which you connect and become more effective and efficient. This program is an Evidenced Based Curriculum which used motivational interviewing and positive behavioral interventions and support.

During the online course, mentors and teachers will receive access to an interactive online platform to the student workbook, journal, videos, pre and post assessment, and Training Manual. You will be equipped with the tools and resources needed to direct their students toward being purpose-driven and intrinsically motivated.

Daniel’s story is very powerful, shedding light on just how damaging bullying can be to children – students who are bullied are more likely to be depressed, to think about and attempt suicide, and have behavior problems and difficulty learning.

Carol Kocivar

California State PTA President

We need tools like My Life My Power to support kids in learning and using positive, pro-social behavior skills. Programs like this make such a big difference in the lives of our kids.

Laura Zeff

Behavior Specialist, Los Angeles Unified School District

My Life My Power will enlighten you on how to best take care of yourself and your community.

John Duran

Mayor of West Hollywood

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